Family Goals

These are the radical changes we have committed to as a family:

Living Life:

This one is pretty obvious based off of everything you probably have read but we would like to move to Oahu, Hawaii next year!


Kimanzi wants to lose 132 pounds, which will take him down to 200 pounds.

Tanya wants to lose 83 pounds, which will bring her down to 125 pounds.

The kids just want to be in peak shape!


We would like our family income to come from our online business and books: making at least $50,000 per year.

By the end of this year we would like to have $15,000 saved up for the Hawaii move.

We would like to be completely debt free by the end of next year.


We have identified a great church where we want to move, our goal is to start a ministry dedicated to help couples with domestic issues. We have gone through these issues and believe we could give good help and insight.

Information on Hawaii:

We have done extensive research on Hawaii and have found a very helpful website that has great first information, if you’re going or moving to Hawaii, check out this website:


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