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Excellent post, makes me want to go to Nepal

Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | February 2, 2012

Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 31, 2012

Losing Weight

The mountain we want to climb!

Hello and thank you for visiting our family blog, it’s been amazing to see the response. As we mentioned in a previous post (, it’s definitely a scary and exciting journey. We’ve had so many people ask us: why, how will you afford it, why Hawaii, why not a coastal state and many more questions. We will answer these questions as we continue and start to finalize our plans. Again, thank you to those who have shown tremendous support!

What we want to talk to you about today is weight loss, more specifically, we want to lose a bunch of weight! We (Kimanzi and Tanya) are both over-weight, I want to lose 132 pounds and Tanya wants to lose 80 pounds. We want to lose it for the usual reasons but we also want to be able to go to Hawaii and actual enjoy it.

We don’t want to swim in the ocean, or climb a mountain or just go for a walk and be winded.

A friend of mine was talking to me today about Hawaii and said that they thought $60,000 a year is not enough money to live in Hawaii. It might not seem like it but it depends on what you think “live” means. Does live mean you have a house full of things that you only use three times a year? Does live mean you have cable, Netflix, video games and a bunch of other “stuff”? For us, we have done enough of that kind of “existing”.

It’s like this, at the end of your life will you remember all the “stuff” you had or will you remember all your experiences?

Losing this weight will be healthy for us but more than that, it will help us live a life off of $60,000 a year. We’ll truly enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer because we’ll be in physical shape to enjoy it.

We’re putting this on here because we want you to help keep us accountable, so don’t be shy and call us out if we’re slipping!

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We Can’t Decide Where To Move…..

taken by us in Maui last year

My wife and I have been having a debate lately about which island to move to (the kids really don’t care), I want to go to Maui, she wants to go to Oahu. There’s one big question though:

How will we pay our bills?

We are working very to grow our online business ( as a way to support us. The problem is, as we researched prices for everything in Hawaii, it looks like we’ll need to make at least $60,000 a year to support our family, OUCH! My book has done well and the websites are growing everyday (thank you) but it’s no guarantee.

We want to be smart about things, so we’re coming up with a back up plan and looking into work in Hawaii. From what we can tell, the average wage in Hawaii is pretty close to $12 an hour, which doesn’t go very far with the cost of everything. It would require both of us working, which would slightly hinder our home school plans.

So after all that rambling, that brings us to the debate of which island. If we have to find work, the best place would by far be Oahu (Honolulu), which is where my wife wants to go. There are roughly 1.3 million people in all the Hawaiian islands and about 900,ooo live in Oahu. For me that’s just way too many people! I want to move to Maui which is about twice the land mass as Oahu and has roughly 140,000 people, to me that’s absolutely perfect.

We now live in Milwaukee, Wi which has over 1 million people, going to Oahu would seem like the same thing to me as far as people. I do have to be honest and admit that Oahu does have a lot to offer. They have just opened a Walt Disney World, can you imagine what that would be like with an ocean background? She’s right that if we have to find a job we would have an easier time on Oahu.

My dream is to own land in Maui and have our own garden where we grew a lot of our own food, if possible, live “off the grid”. I know with kids though we want to keep life a little more modern and not expose them to a crazily different change right off the bat.

So as we get closer, the debate will go on. I guess the money will be the ultimate decider!

If you live in Hawaii or have been there, what’s your opinion?

Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 24, 2012

This is Terrifying! Everyone Gets Scared…

No matter how well you plan something and have all the details worked out, fear is still there! We can sit here and tell you we’re fearless but it would be a lie. Looking at the facts, we are moving to an island that is about 5,100 miles away from our home here in Wisconsin (scary), as we said, IT’S AN ISLAND! Right now when we want to escape, we can drive to another state, doesn’t exactly work the same way with an island. We have done extensive research and are frightened by how expensive everything is in Hawaii. As you can guess mostly everything is imported which jacks the price, a loaf of the bread that I deliver everyday here, is $8 a loaf there (crazy, right?).

Looking at housing, to get a decent 3 bedroom apartment, in a decent neighborhood will cost us roughly $1600 to $1800 a month, AAAHHH! The list could go on and on with gas and insurance and many other things, there’s a lot to be afraid of.

Even despite all of these fears and more, we still want and need to go! This is the thing we are realizing, you can’t give in to fear! Fear will always be there singing in our ear about how we’ll never make it, saying everything will be too expensive. We don’t care what fear has to say!

We are being smart about ways to make fear a liar, we are doing a tremendous amount of research and are planning things out step by step. More important than all of that, we’re praying about what the Lord wants for our family. We feel strongly about some things and we have found a great church.


We will have fear throughout this whole process and probably more as we get closer to leaving, but we will continue to move forward because we believe in our hearts that this is right for our family. As we keep saying, life is just too short for us to simply exist. We want to live, live out all our dreams while we can and live a life of no regrets! We hope you’ll join us and do the same…

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Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 21, 2012

Is God In The Move?

We are Christians:

Taken by Tanya

We had a meeting with our pastor today to talk about our move, it was an awesome meeting! Our pastor is a very wise man and advised us to make sure that we are putting God’s will first, above any human desire. If you are new here and not aware, our family are Christian, we have all accepted Jesus Christ as our Saviour, so we put Him first in all that we do.

Fighting human nature:

The biggest problem and challenge is that as humans, we want what we want and we want it when we want it. So when it comes to a big, life changing move like this, is it what we want or is the Lord leading us? So that’s where we stand, praying and making sure that the Lord has a specific purpose for us to move to Hawaii.

A burden:

In visiting Hawaii and doing a lot of extensive research on Hawaii, we know that one of the biggest problems is domestic issues. A lot of the crime and problems there are domestically related are caused by poverty. Hawaii is a very expensive place to live, and the people who were born there even have a hard time finding work, and being able to pay all their bills.

While my wife and I’s relationship is not even close to perfect, we have weathered some storms and have experience dealing with domestic problems. We have had counseling on these issues and have a burden to help Hawaiian couples through their domestic problems. We fell in love with the Hawaiian people and are praying about an opportunity to help in a ministry for couples.

Prayer is the key:

So as it stand we are praying about clear direction, we are planning on the human side of things. We want to follow the Lord’s leading and not force what we want (even though we HATE this weather so much). So going forward we ask you to pray for us and with us!


Have you ever made a move without God in it?

Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 19, 2012

Weekly Financial Update

What’s this all about?

Picture my wife took in Oahu, Hawaii

Every Thursday we would like to update you on where we stand with our finances. We want this to be an open journal but also lay things out so that if anyone else goes down the same road as us, they somewhat have a blueprint to review. We will be honest with what bills we have, and how much we are able to save for that week. Like we said, this is meant to be a journal, the only difference is that is public, kinda scary right?

A little motivation:

So as we bring you these updates we hope that they can help you, we hope that if you’re making plans to follow your dreams that this will be motivating for you! We all need a little kick in the pants every now and then. If you have been stalling with your plans and dreams, join us in moving forward with those dreams!

The report:

This week will be a light report, we both (Tanya and I) worked overtime at the beginning part of this month. As a result we have all of our bills for this month completely paid, Yeah! So all the money we earn this week and next week will be able to go right into the Hawaii fund. We will keep a running total of what we saved on the right hand side bar. As we said, we will be honest and you better believe if things get too rough, we won’t hesitate to dip into that money. Come back next time to get a detailed report!

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Why We’re Moving To Hawaii

Picture from vacationing in Hawaii

That’s a very good question and even after we give you the answer, we still might not be 100% sure!

I firmly believe that when you do anything in life, you have to ask yourself: “why”. Why do you want a new job? Why do you want to move out-of-state? Why do you want your kids to go to that school? If you focus on why you’re doing something, it helps you see the end result and not focus on what it will take and how hard it will be.

So to answer the question, we are moving to Hawaii because that’s one of our dreams and we have determined to stop existing in life and to truly live, by following our goals and dreams, and passions! As it says in our bio page, we wanted to retire there but why go later in life? Why not go now, while we’re younger and truly enjoy it with our kids!

The Weather:

Living in Wisconsin is ok for the most part, we just hate the weather here! In the summer it gets super humid, in the winter it gets super cold and then you throw snow in the mix, NO THANK YOU! Hawaii has a tempature of about 85 degrees in the summer and 75 degrees in the winter, can you beat that?

The Enviroment:

In Milwaukee, where we live, there were 5 murders for the first 5 days of this year, seriously! We live in a relative decent neighborhood but that doesn’t mean anything in Milwaukee. We can’t leave our kids outside alone, even to play in the front yard, and we’re not exaggerating! We want our kids to have a little freedom while they play, to be able to explore the “little” things nature has to offer.

I read a report that says Milwaukee is one of the most segregated places in th US, if you have lived here for a while, you can identify where certain races are and for the most part, stay. We want our children to experience culture, to not worry about the color of their skin or anyone else’s. Now, we know racism exist everywhere, it’s just not as prevalent as it is in Milwaukee.

The murder rate in Hawaii is very, very low (sorry I don’t have an exact number, I believe it was 5 last year) and it’s mostly domestic violence. Violence can happen anywhere but it’s more likely to happen in a place where it’s always occurring. Don’t agree? Have you ever lived in the inter-city?

True Family Time:

Our oldest child is 12 years old and any parent reading this would agree that the time with your children goes extremely fast, too fast! We are homeschooling our kids for at least the first year there, this way we can spend that one on one time with each child, getting a little closer to them. This will also help out as far as cost, and help us have time to figure out where the best schools are.

We plan on spending a lot of time enjoying nature. We plan on doing everything we can imagine on the ocean, every water sport! We plan on hiking and mountain biking and running and exploring. We plan on getting a lot closer, having “campfires” at night, I know this sounds corny! Yes we can still do some of this in Wisconsin, but not in the winter and not with the environment!

Life is short:

If you have ever lost a loved one, it awakens you to how short life really is, how will you spend that time? We want to spend every moment we have left doing things that we love, have fun with, are important to us, and as a family unit. So why wait until we retire? If we had the money we would already be there!

So what do you think? Does it sound crazy? We would love to hear from you:

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