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Our Family

We have started this blog to chronicle our family’s journey chasing our dreams, also to help anyone else thinking of moving to Hawaii or just moving out-of-state. Our goals is to give you an honest journal of the entire process, leaving out no detail. We will share our victories and our defeats, along the way we would love to hear from you with any feedback or advice, or to share your story! Don’t be shy, we won’t bite you…..
Nice to meet you!
Our family consists of my wife Tanya, our kids Michael, Matthew, and Lana, and me of course, Kimanzi (talesofwork.com)
We have lived in Wisconsin all our lives and enjoy it for the most part. Tanya and I have always wanted to retire in Hawaii but got a little jolt to our systems. Through many different circumstances we decided that we’re just “existing” in our lives and not truly “living”. (I talk about it in detail on my website: http://talesofwork.com/blog/2012/01/the-difference-between-existing-and-living/)
So we decided that we don’t want to go to Hawaii when we’re too old to enjoy it, why not go now! Even though we don’t mind Wisconsin, we have to get away from the weather! We’re not fans of the cold or snow and more than that, we’re not fans of how everyone else handles it. We want our kids to be able to experience a different culture, better weather, more “outdoors’ activities. We want them to be in a place that is so beautiful that they don’t want to stay in the house and play video games, they want to be outside and enjoy what nature has to offer!
The Plan:
Now, we’re not disillusioned, we know what an expensive, crazy move this will be, so we have a basic plan:
We want to save $288.00 a week from our paychecks and have roughly $15,000 saved up by the end of the year.
There are also a few factors that help in our decision:
  • My contract at work will end, I’ll have to find different work
  • A few of our big bills will end at the end of this year: 2 car payments totaling $1011.00 a month, plus $1238.00 (for the year) in car insurance. We also pay $700 to $800 a month for our kids to go to private school.
  • With the economy being down, real estate and rentals are a little less in Hawaii

So with all our “big” bills done, it will free up some money and we’ll be heading there with basically no over head. To be honest we are not debt free, we do owe money for taxes from our other businesses, so we will still be paying on that!

As we come into August of this year we will see where we’re at and if we’re on track I’ll buy a one way plane ticket for myself. We plan on me going first in January of 2013, and the family following in about April. When I get there I’ll be able to stay in a timeshare owned by my in-laws for 20 days at the cost of $200, pretty good, right?

I plan on looking for and getting a place as soon as possible. The plan is to make our internet business take off this year (talesofwork.com) so that we don’t have to look for work, finding work can be the hardest thing in Hawaii.

So that’s our basic plan, things might change, as you know, but here it is. We plan on getting more specific in our blog posts, so please come back, tell any friends who you know might be moving to come check us out!!  Mahalo



  1. A well thought out plan must adapt to all circumstances and I think that you are a good planner so with that Z Way to go on a new journey!!!

    • Thanks alot Chaka, you know you’ll be visiting!

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