Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | March 3, 2012

It’s Hard To Save Money (February Monthly Income Report)

Our trip to Maui

Our trip to Maui

If you are new to our blog let me catch you up to speed, we’re moving to Hawaii (YEAH) next year. We have vacationed in Hawaii and fell in love with the people, the weather and the atmosphere. It was always a place we wanted to retire to but we had a mini awakening, prayed and got peace about not waiting until then. We also want to enjoy it while we still have time on this earth and have a lot more simple life style, so next year we’re off!

The first book

At the end of this year we are losing a few major bills, we are losing two car payments, insurance, private school tuition. These bills total $1,200 a month, so that should free up a little money to combat the super high cost of Hawaii. Our goal is to give ourselves a little cushion and save up $15,000 as our emergency fund. I will be leaving by myself in January to set up our housing with my family coming some time in March after I get everything set up.

Second book

You may be wondering how we will support ourselves, good question. Our prayer and what we are working for this year is to build our internet business ( and some books that I wrote. The job situation in Hawaii can be scary but we’re confident we can find or create work if our internet business is not where we need it to be by then.

So now that you are caught up that brings us to our income report. At the end of the month we let our readers know exactly what’s going on with our finances in hopes that if someone else is going on this journey too, they can look to this blog for help in every area.

This month was really hard for us to save, it was a shorter month and we had extra bills. So here is the report:

Income: $6,044

– Monthly bills: $4,830

– Extra Bills: $1,236

Savings: $0

Total Money Saved For Hawaii -$22

Yep that’s right, we had to tap into our other money to just pay our bills, a truly rough month!

The takeaways:

I know I’m preaching to the choir when I tell you it’s hard to save money. Right when you start to save money, you better get ready for unexpected expenses, they’re going to come out of the woodwork. We knew this and even though at first we were discouraged, we got over it pretty quick.

You’re going to experience these “bumps” in the road, so go through them and work harder to make the money up next month. So even though we didn’t save anything this month, we plan on making up for it next month, please pray for us!

Have you ever run into problems saving money? Some advice would be great, so leave it in the comments:


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