Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | March 1, 2012

Win A Free Kindle Fire Or Radically Change Your Life!

I’m super excited to announce that tomorrow is the official release of my new book, I just want to scream!! As a part of the launch of the book, one person will win a FREE Kindle Fire. In order to win all you have to do is buy the book from my website ( and share that you bought the book on any of your social media pages, that’s it. Spend $2.99 for a chance to win a $200 Kindle Fire.

So why would you buy the book?

Have you ever wanted to change anything in your life? Yes. At one point or another we all want to change something, so what’s the problem? The problem is that change is hard and radical change? It’s super hard! The normal routine is to get pumped, to tell ourselves that this time will be different. Three months later we’ve already told convinced ourselves of all the reasons why we’re fine.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of being “fine” it’s just not good enough anymore.

We can go through the rest of our lives with just being “fine” and we might even have a few moments of joy, it is possible. My question to you is: aren’t you curious? What could your life be like if you had more than fine in your life?

What if you had a life where you lived out all your wildest dreams? What if everyday you went to bed thoroughly exhausted because you spent the entire day living out your passion? What if you did things that other people only dreamed of?

This will be out tomorrow!

You can live this kind of life, you can make changes in your life that not only last forever but radically change every aspect of your life!

Do you have a family? What are your kids learning about life from your actions? Do they see you miserable everyday, always complaining about this and that? Kids are smart and pick up on what’s going on, they see your struggle and it affects them. Why do we tell our kids to shoot for the stars when we ourselves won’t even shoot for the clouds?

You can change your life, you can live out your dreams, you just need a plan!

That’s exactly what my new book is all about. It’s a nine month plan to make those changes that you’ve always wanted to make, it lays out a step by step plan. The difference between this book and other’s is that I’m just like you.

I’m not some guy making millions who tries to identify with you, I identify with you because I’m going through the same things. I’m working on losing 132 pounds this year, I’m working on not living paycheck to paycheck. I’m working on getting out of a job I hate, I know exactly what you’re going through.

That’s how I came up with this nine month plan, I did it with you in mind!

Yes, you have a chance to win a Kindle Fire but this is a lot bigger than that, this is about your future and the future of your family! Too many times we have talked ourselves out of a life we truly want, It Has To End Here!



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