Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | February 16, 2012

That Person Could Be You!!

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Right now things seem pretty bleak with our economy, everyday we hear of more companies that are closing or filing for bankruptcy. Every now and then we do hear a positive story about someone just like you or I that had an idea, decided to pursue it, and it worked out beautifully for that person.

I read a story in USA Today about a month ago about a woman in rural Alaska who started a small blog about crafts. She did it as a hobby not really thinking much about it. Before she knew it people really responded and she was getting massive visitors to her site. It didn’t take long for companies to notice and she was getting all kinds of offers to advertise on her blog. She barely has an internet connection but now supports her family with that little small blog that she started.

That’s just one story, there are thousands and even millions of success stories about people who had an idea and decided to pursue it. Microsoft was started in one of the worst economy’s. I know from my own personal experience that when I started my bread business that many, many people told me that the business would never be able to support me full-time, 11 years later, they were completely wrong.

The point is we have all read these stories, we have seen them on the news. Usually when we hear about these success stories we say: “that’s great, I knew they could do it”, “I wish I could do something like that but I have kids”.

The list goes on but we always think it’s great for that person when we should be asking why haven’t we done it!

I got some news for you, we could be hearing your story of success, the only way it’s going to happen is to stop making excuses and take action!

Why does it have to be one or the other?

Whenever I talk to someone about chasing their dreams or making changes in their life, they usually make it an either or” situation.

“I want to chase my dreams but I have to take care of my family” the question that’s always on my mind is: Why can’t you do both?

You can still chase your dreams and take care of your family, you just have to properly plan things out. Just because you decide to chase your dreams doesn’t mean you have to quit your job immediately and start an internet business in Cuba. You’re a smart person and you make plans for all the other areas of your life, why wouldn’t it work the same way with chasing your dreams?

If you want to move somewhere new, do the research as far as how much everything costs, see what kind of work is available there, figure out how much money you need to save every month. If you aren’t making enough, then pick up extra work.

“You make it sound so easy” It can be easy with a step by step plan.

Stop assuming you’ll make less money

When I talk to someone about their dream work situation the conversation usually goes like this: “I want to save up $10,000 so when I quit my job I can cover the loss of pay I’ll experience from doing my dream job”.

Who said you have to make less money? Where did that assumption come from? 

I expect you to make more money from your dream job! If you’re doing something that you love and are passionate about, I expect you to CRUSH IT. You’ll work harder, you make the quality of your work better because this is what you love, remember? When other businesses won’t go the extra mile, you will, this is what you love. When other coworkers want to be lazy and take their time, you’ll excel, you’re living out your dream!

Stop thinking you’re going to make less money, you have a 50/50 chance, why would you lean towards the negative?

Identify what your dreams are or what changes you want to make

It might seem overwhelming when you think about it because you don’t even know where to start. It starts with figuring out what your dreams are. Once you figure them out and are certain, start planning. Once you have a solid step by step plan, take action. That’s it, this is the path to pursuing your dreams.

Stop making excuses and listing off the 50 reasons why you can’t do it, they won’t work anymore. The internet eliminates the barriers that used to hold us back, if that woman in rural Alaska can make it with a blog on crafts, why can’t you?

Stop admiring that person who made it, stop telling their story. Become that person, all you have to do is take the first step.

Will you take the first step?



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