Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | February 2, 2012

Monthly Finance Report

Tanya stayed here in Oahu, Hawaii

We wanted to publish a weekly finance report but as we looked at things, it makes more sense to publish a monthly one (I hope you forgive us).  Every month we will update you on where we stand with saving up for our move to Hawaii. We will give you an honest look at our finances in hopes it could help someone else endeavoring to do the same thing.

These reports will be general, meaning we won’t list everything to the last cent. If you are thinking about making a move and could give us some pointers, we would love to hear from you (leave any tips in the comment section).

NOTE: a friend read our last post about weight loss ( and made an excellent observation, he pointed out that we said we’re “trying” to lose weight when we should say “we are” losing weight. Thanks Dan, you’re absolutely right! (Tanya has lost 11 pounds and I have lost 7, in the past two weeks)

Here is our monthly report for January:

Income: $6,253

 – Bills: $4,830

  -Savings: $630

Total Money Saved For Hawaii:  $793

Now to be fair coming into this month we had $407 saved from December which brings us to our current total of $1200 saved for our Hawaii move!

If you’re saving for a move like ours, one tip we would give you is this: don’t spend money on fast food. Just by cutting out fast food we probably saved $400 dollars this month (now you know why we have to lose weight).

The winter months in my business can be rough, so it should be interesting to see how much we can save over the next four months.

Thanks for being part of our journey, if you haven’t, make sure you sign up to get updates delivered to your email inbox!

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