Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 26, 2012

We Can’t Decide Where To Move…..

taken by us in Maui last year

My wife and I have been having a debate lately about which island to move to (the kids really don’t care), I want to go to Maui, she wants to go to Oahu. There’s one big question though:

How will we pay our bills?

We are working very to grow our online business ( as a way to support us. The problem is, as we researched prices for everything in Hawaii, it looks like we’ll need to make at least $60,000 a year to support our family, OUCH! My book has done well and the websites are growing everyday (thank you) but it’s no guarantee.

We want to be smart about things, so we’re coming up with a back up plan and looking into work in Hawaii. From what we can tell, the average wage in Hawaii is pretty close to $12 an hour, which doesn’t go very far with the cost of everything. It would require both of us working, which would slightly hinder our home school plans.

So after all that rambling, that brings us to the debate of which island. If we have to find work, the best place would by far be Oahu (Honolulu), which is where my wife wants to go. There are roughly 1.3 million people in all the Hawaiian islands and about 900,ooo live in Oahu. For me that’s just way too many people! I want to move to Maui which is about twice the land mass as Oahu and has roughly 140,000 people, to me that’s absolutely perfect.

We now live in Milwaukee, Wi which has over 1 million people, going to Oahu would seem like the same thing to me as far as people. I do have to be honest and admit that Oahu does have a lot to offer. They have just opened a Walt Disney World, can you imagine what that would be like with an ocean background? She’s right that if we have to find a job we would have an easier time on Oahu.

My dream is to own land in Maui and have our own garden where we grew a lot of our own food, if possible, live “off the grid”. I know with kids though we want to keep life a little more modern and not expose them to a crazily different change right off the bat.

So as we get closer, the debate will go on. I guess the money will be the ultimate decider!

If you live in Hawaii or have been there, what’s your opinion?


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