Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 24, 2012

This is Terrifying! Everyone Gets Scared…

No matter how well you plan something and have all the details worked out, fear is still there! We can sit here and tell you we’re fearless but it would be a lie. Looking at the facts, we are moving to an island that is about 5,100 miles away from our home here in Wisconsin (scary), as we said, IT’S AN ISLAND! Right now when we want to escape, we can drive to another state, doesn’t exactly work the same way with an island. We have done extensive research and are frightened by how expensive everything is in Hawaii. As you can guess mostly everything is imported which jacks the price, a loaf of the bread that I deliver everyday here, is $8 a loaf there (crazy, right?).

Looking at housing, to get a decent 3 bedroom apartment, in a decent neighborhood will cost us roughly $1600 to $1800 a month, AAAHHH! The list could go on and on with gas and insurance and many other things, there’s a lot to be afraid of.

Even despite all of these fears and more, we still want and need to go! This is the thing we are realizing, you can’t give in to fear! Fear will always be there singing in our ear about how we’ll never make it, saying everything will be too expensive. We don’t care what fear has to say!

We are being smart about ways to make fear a liar, we are doing a tremendous amount of research and are planning things out step by step. More important than all of that, we’re praying about what the Lord wants for our family. We feel strongly about some things and we have found a great church.


We will have fear throughout this whole process and probably more as we get closer to leaving, but we will continue to move forward because we believe in our hearts that this is right for our family. As we keep saying, life is just too short for us to simply exist. We want to live, live out all our dreams while we can and live a life of no regrets! We hope you’ll join us and do the same…

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  1. These are all common fears. I had some of those myself. I still wince at paying more for some stuff, but it is an amazing place that will change your life. I have relatives in the southeast and everyone wants to come see us. I would be very happy to give you any advice or pointers about moving here. There are many ways to live frugally here.

    • Thank you so much, I just started following you on twitter. I see your in real estate, we would be looking to rent at first, any advice would be appreciated!

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