Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 21, 2012

Is God In The Move?

We are Christians:

Taken by Tanya

We had a meeting with our pastor today to talk about our move, it was an awesome meeting! Our pastor is a very wise man and advised us to make sure that we are putting God’s will first, above any human desire. If you are new here and not aware, our family are Christian, we have all accepted Jesus Christ as our Saviour, so we put Him first in all that we do.

Fighting human nature:

The biggest problem and challenge is that as humans, we want what we want and we want it when we want it. So when it comes to a big, life changing move like this, is it what we want or is the Lord leading us? So that’s where we stand, praying and making sure that the Lord has a specific purpose for us to move to Hawaii.

A burden:

In visiting Hawaii and doing a lot of extensive research on Hawaii, we know that one of the biggest problems is domestic issues. A lot of the crime and problems there are domestically related are caused by poverty. Hawaii is a very expensive place to live, and the people who were born there even have a hard time finding work, and being able to pay all their bills.

While my wife and I’s relationship is not even close to perfect, we have weathered some storms and have experience dealing with domestic problems. We have had counseling on these issues and have a burden to help Hawaiian couples through their domestic problems. We fell in love with the Hawaiian people and are praying about an opportunity to help in a ministry for couples.

Prayer is the key:

So as it stand we are praying about clear direction, we are planning on the human side of things. We want to follow the Lord’s leading and not force what we want (even though we HATE this weather so much). So going forward we ask you to pray for us and with us!


Have you ever made a move without God in it?



  1. Found your blog through Vipperchill and will keeping up with you to see how the adventure goes.

    • Hey, welcome, we’re glad to have you. You listen and read blogs like viperchill and you have to take action! Those blogs have inspired us to go for it, thanks for following!

      • Thanks for having me! Amen to taking action! God bless and I look forward to hearing more about it!

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