Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 19, 2012

Weekly Financial Update

What’s this all about?

Picture my wife took in Oahu, Hawaii

Every Thursday we would like to update you on where we stand with our finances. We want this to be an open journal but also lay things out so that if anyone else goes down the same road as us, they somewhat have a blueprint to review. We will be honest with what bills we have, and how much we are able to save for that week. Like we said, this is meant to be a journal, the only difference is that is public, kinda scary right?

A little motivation:

So as we bring you these updates we hope that they can help you, we hope that if you’re making plans to follow your dreams that this will be motivating for you! We all need a little kick in the pants every now and then. If you have been stalling with your plans and dreams, join us in moving forward with those dreams!

The report:

This week will be a light report, we both (Tanya and I) worked overtime at the beginning part of this month. As a result we have all of our bills for this month completely paid, Yeah! So all the money we earn this week and next week will be able to go right into the Hawaii fund. We will keep a running total of what we saved on the right hand side bar. As we said, we will be honest and you better believe if things get too rough, we won’t hesitate to dip into that money. Come back next time to get a detailed report!

Join us and support us on this journey, stay up to date by signing up for our blog updates through email, just put your email address in the box towards the top right. We respect your privacy and will not share your email address. Join the 583 others for this crazy, fun ride!




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