Posted by: Kimanzi Constable | January 18, 2012

Why We’re Moving To Hawaii

Picture from vacationing in Hawaii

That’s a very good question and even after we give you the answer, we still might not be 100% sure!

I firmly believe that when you do anything in life, you have to ask yourself: “why”. Why do you want a new job? Why do you want to move out-of-state? Why do you want your kids to go to that school? If you focus on why you’re doing something, it helps you see the end result and not focus on what it will take and how hard it will be.

So to answer the question, we are moving to Hawaii because that’s one of our dreams and we have determined to stop existing in life and to truly live, by following our goals and dreams, and passions! As it says in our bio page, we wanted to retire there but why go later in life? Why not go now, while we’re younger and truly enjoy it with our kids!

The Weather:

Living in Wisconsin is ok for the most part, we just hate the weather here! In the summer it gets super humid, in the winter it gets super cold and then you throw snow in the mix, NO THANK YOU! Hawaii has a tempature of about 85 degrees in the summer and 75 degrees in the winter, can you beat that?

The Enviroment:

In Milwaukee, where we live, there were 5 murders for the first 5 days of this year, seriously! We live in a relative decent neighborhood but that doesn’t mean anything in Milwaukee. We can’t leave our kids outside alone, even to play in the front yard, and we’re not exaggerating! We want our kids to have a little freedom while they play, to be able to explore the “little” things nature has to offer.

I read a report that says Milwaukee is one of the most segregated places in th US, if you have lived here for a while, you can identify where certain races are and for the most part, stay. We want our children to experience culture, to not worry about the color of their skin or anyone else’s. Now, we know racism exist everywhere, it’s just not as prevalent as it is in Milwaukee.

The murder rate in Hawaii is very, very low (sorry I don’t have an exact number, I believe it was 5 last year) and it’s mostly domestic violence. Violence can happen anywhere but it’s more likely to happen in a place where it’s always occurring. Don’t agree? Have you ever lived in the inter-city?

True Family Time:

Our oldest child is 12 years old and any parent reading this would agree that the time with your children goes extremely fast, too fast! We are homeschooling our kids for at least the first year there, this way we can spend that one on one time with each child, getting a little closer to them. This will also help out as far as cost, and help us have time to figure out where the best schools are.

We plan on spending a lot of time enjoying nature. We plan on doing everything we can imagine on the ocean, every water sport! We plan on hiking and mountain biking and running and exploring. We plan on getting a lot closer, having “campfires” at night, I know this sounds corny! Yes we can still do some of this in Wisconsin, but not in the winter and not with the environment!

Life is short:

If you have ever lost a loved one, it awakens you to how short life really is, how will you spend that time? We want to spend every moment we have left doing things that we love, have fun with, are important to us, and as a family unit. So why wait until we retire? If we had the money we would already be there!

So what do you think? Does it sound crazy? We would love to hear from you:



  1. Hello, it is a wonderful idea! My husband and I are doing the same thing! We have a 10yr old daughter and we live in Ohio so we are sick of the terrible winter weather as well! What are you doing as far as finding employment, buying as opposed to renting a place?,etc..
    Good luck on your journey!!

    • No way, I think I read your story on the aimforawesome blog! Is that you guys? We are renting at first, until we can save enough. As far as income, we’re working on our internet business to support us:

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